Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Been Awhile!

So yes...its been awhile! Through out the last time I posted anything, I must say things have changed a bit! Unfortunately two of our birds died...and two got really really sick. As I thought I was going to finish raising these cuties..I turned them over to WildLife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Venice Florida. I was so happy that Kevin and Linda took over the raising as we had it completely wrong! Thanks to awesome people like these our birds will be able to live a nature wildlife very soon!

Well I will keep you more posted as time goes's a little afterthought:

I was so pleased that Sarasota Magazine has featured my creations and the kind words they thought of my work!


Here is the link
Dress-Up Designs
Mini fashionistas everywhere will be begging for the latest Euro-inspired collection from Pickles and Ponytails. Tres chic and locally made, EurAmer Designs is in stock exclusively at Pickles and Ponytails. Custom, colorful and always adorable, this Sarasota designer offers playful designs that will make you say “ooh lala.” One style, featuring a doll on the front with her own dress-up wardrobe and matching purse, allows your little trendsetter to play stylist. Cute and fun, little girls can dress themselves and then their dolls accordingly, attaching clothes to Velcro on the front of the dress. Innovative and fresh, EurAmer’s designs present a variety of options to any budding fashion-lover. Starting at $64. Pickles and Ponytails, 1821 Hillview St., Sarasota, 941-953-2024

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